"Urim" Center Ltd

"Urim" Center Ltd. - Israel's oldest and leading center engaged in consultation and referrals to nursing homes, assisted living facilities and caregivers - was founded in order to provide the elderly and their families with assistance and guidance when the need for a suitable and professional care solution arises.

The staff in "Urim" is a team of licenced, highly qualified and experienced social workers.
The consultation and referral services offered by the Center, are suited to different categories of seniors, whether they are independent or frail, require long-term nursing care or are in need of rehabilitation or recovering from an illness. All consultations and refferals are provided free-of-charge, 24 hours a day - throughout the country.

All services are offered under one roof and tailored to the unique needs of the elderly:

Personal solutions:

We find temporary or long-term solutions, based on the person's needs: nursing home, assisted living, domestic or foreign caregiver. The Center's professional staff advises and accompanies the elderly person and his family throughout the entire care selection process: It starts at the diagnostic stage, conducted either in the client's home or at the hospital. The staff  evaIuates the client's physical and emotional condition as well as functional capacity, and then offers the care required in consideration of the desired location, financial capability etc.

The staff accompanies the family until the optimal and most appropriate solution is found and implemented.


The Center's staff provides seniors and their families with comprehensive information about the benefits they're entitled to and assists them in their contacts with the various authorities (The Ministry of Health, The Ministry of Welfare, The National Insurance Institute, Nursing Care Insurance, etc.).

 Professionalism and reliability:

All the nursing homes and nursing care companies that the Center works with are licensed establishments, and are also monitored on an ongoing basis by the Center's staff and social workers.
Cost savings:

The Center's staff helps families to obtain discounts and special prices.
Additional service with convenient prices:
In addition to advisory, information and referral services regarding nursing homes and other caregiver solutions, you can consult with and utilize the Center regarding "other" areas such as:

An interdisciplinary team for continued treatment and nursing care at home: geriatric physicians, psychogeriatric specialists, social workers, physical therapists, dieticians, and professionals who offer ways to keep the patient occupied throughout the day.
Male and female nurses hired by the hour or around the clock.
Accessibility and suitable arrangements in the home (adapting the elderly person's home to his individual needs).
Legal aid (guardianship, wills, etc..)
Advice concerning taxation and tax rebates.
Assistance with community-based solutions: adult day centers, clubs for seniors, etc.
Emergency call buttons.

Using the "Urim" Center's services will save your family precious time, preventing the need to run around and avoiding ill-advised decisions.
Assistance is extended in a number of languages: Hebrew, Russian, English, Yiddish, French, etc.
The service is provided free of charge.
The Center's staff is at your disposal by calling our toll free number: 03-720-7447
or our mobile phone numbers: Orit 052-3607510 / Raya 

Our E-mail: urim@urim.co.il

Head Office: 6 Kiryat Sefer Street, Tel Aviv. 03-5613050

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